Activity Spheres

Legal Consultations for Trade Companies

In the field of Company Law our Office offers full legal servicing and consultations connected with establishing and changing circumstances of the companies, holding negotiations for concluding contracts, drafting contracts, opinions, proposals and concepts.

All Kinds of Trade Companies

  • Establish companies and prepare the necessary documents
  • Register and enter new circumstances in the Company Register
  • Draft and change current corporate, commercial and civil contracts
  • Written and oral consultations
  • Preparation for signing contracts, conducting negotiations, drafting contracts and opinions
  • Sale and purchase of company shares
  • Partition of company shares
  • Liability of founders and managing bodies
  • Increase and reduction of the capital
  • Restructure trade companies – mergers and acquisitions, separation, dissolution
  • Liquidation and termination of companies

Limited Liability Company (OOD, EOOD)

  • Draft and amend articles / memorandum of association
  • Draft management contracts

Joint-Stock Company (AD)

  • Draft and amend joint-stock company statutes
  • Preparation for holding establishment and general meetings of the shareholders
  • Executive Council, Supervisory Board, Board of Directors
  • Increase and reduction of the capital
  • Contracts for assigning members of the managing bodies

Contractual Law

  • Analysis of current legal and financial circumstances and status
  • Research and analysis of the legal and financial interests and goals of the assignors
  • Individual approach to each customer in compliance with the contractual relations that the client wants to have
  • Careful analysis of every situation and problem of the client
  • Report the advantages and disadvantages of performing factual and legal actions
  • Conduct negotiations, draft and amend all kinds of contracts (civil, commercial, corporate)
  • Prepare and collect the necessary documents related to concluding the contracts
  • Obtain permits, licenses, and others necessary for performing the trade activities

Labour Law

  • Consultations in case of conflict of interests, analysis and research
  • Draft labour contracts
  • Consultations for entering and terminating labour relations
  • Legal servicing and procedure representation in case of labour disputes

Real Estate

  • Agency in seeking and offering real estate by client’s criteria
  • Due diligence and research of the legal status of the real estates subject of deal (ownership right, encumbrances, restitution rights and claims, legal impediments, risks)
  • Prepare and conduct negotiations
  • Prepare and obtain the required documents for transfer of real estate and establish and register limited real rights on the real estate
  • Draft title deeds, lease contracts, mortgage contracts and other type of contracts in notary form ( including their registration at the Property Register, Registry Agency)
  • Prepare and organize notarizing of the deals

Family and Inheritance Law

  • Consultations in the field of family and inheritance legal relations
  • Divorces
  • Prepare wills
  • Inheritance by law and will
  • Partitions

Civil Law

  • Consultations for real and contractual relations
  • Draft title deeds, all kinds of civil contracts, power of attorneys
  • Consultations and conducting suits regarding restoring illegally taken estate
  • Property disputes

Administrative Law

  • Appeal administrative acts
  • Appeal revision acts of assigning tax and insurance liabilities
  • Consultations for realization of construction works – obtain building permit, regulate the relations between the participants in the construction process, including relations with the neighbours
  • Prepare documents for participation in public procurement procedures
  • Tax and custom s law

Trade mark protection

  • Registration of trade marks and industrial designs
  • Copyright protection
  • Representation before judicial and administrative instances

Procedure Representation

  • Defense and procedure representation at all courts and institutions in Bulgaria
  • Formation, defense and representation in executive procedures
  • Commercial disputes

The above services could be also provided via internet, as much as the nature of the order allows it.