The Office offers the Following Services:     

  • Legal consultations: in oral or written form
  • Legal consultations, connected with real estate
  • Prepare and obtain documents, permits, licenses
  • Agency in seeking and offering real estate
  • Draft and amend all kinds of contracts – civil, corporate, trade, title deeds and contracts in notary form
  • Preparation and legal aid for conducting negotiations
  • Procedure representation in all courts and instances in Bulgaria
  • Full subscription legal servicing for companies
  • Registration of trademarks and industrial designs
  • Copyright protection
  • Assistance for receiving trade loans
  • Assistance for finding office premises
  • Assistance in finding and selecting company staff
  • Assistance for connecting with Bulgarian companies in the branches by client’s criteria
  • Selection of trade companies – contractors by given criteria and providing details (address, contact person, scope of business)
  • Realize contact with other companies (selected by client’s criteria), write letters, proposals, offers and send them via e-mail, fax or post
  • Open bank accounts of natural persons and legal entities
  • Translations in to and from German
  • Consultations via e-mail